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The CRM for Communities

Supercharge your community by recognizing and rewarding your most engaged community members.

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Automatically identify your community MVPs

Recognize and engage your most valuable community members to prevent churn.

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Community engagement: data visualization
Community engagement: wallet tokens and NFTs
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Real time community leaderboard data
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Drops done right

Fairer NFT Drop Allowlists

Planning a new drop? Use Circus to automatically prioritize your community’s most active and engaged members in your allowlist. Prevent hit and run community members from taking up valuable slots.

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Perks for VIP

Reimagine Community Perks

Perks for community members are an important part of an engaged community. Use Circus to create entirely new perk structures based on the members who contribute the most valuable content, or attract the most quality new members.

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Trusted and advancedPlug in to your platforms of choiceGet incentivesReward your most engaged members

Measure message value, not message volume

Platforms metrics can tell you who is sending the most messages. Only Circus helps you understand who is sending the most valuable messages that keep your community engaged overall.

Real-time insights

Circus updates in real-time and enables you to instantly react to your community’s activity. Want to see how your community was performing at any point in time in the past? Circus has you covered.

Cross platform

Your community doesn’t just exist on-chain or on a single platform like Discord. Circus helps you tie member data together across all the platforms your community uses.

Engagement leaderboard

Use your Community Leaderboard to see your community’s most active contributors and create rewards and incentives for your members when they reach certain levels. Your leaderboard updates in real time reflecting your community’s activity up to the minute.

Community member details